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Contact Us, Inc. is a privately owned company that provides the service of expediting vital records ordering.

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  • Call us at: 1-866-694-0571 (Option 2) or (717)-909-8500
  • or Fill out the contact form is an affiliate of Genesis Systems, Inc.

Visit Our Partners

Visit Our Partners

Baby's Background, Inc.

Baby's Background, Inc. knows that having a baby can be a very busy time. We give new parents the ability complete the Hospital Information form ahead of time on BBGINFO.COM, then print it and take it with you to the hospital. When asked for the information….simply hand them the Hospital Information Form! It’s that simple! You could also keep a copy on your smartphone/device and/or just email it to them! Also included is a FREE custom (upload a photo) commemorative birth certificate to print for framing or a keepsake for your child’s baby book!

Name Change Process

Changing your name can be a long and complicated process for many newlyweds. will make sure you remember to notify everyone on your list and then some, but even more importantly; all your forms are prefilled with step by step instructions!'s kit includes Social Security Name Change Form, U.S. Passport Name Change Form, Voter Registration, Notification Forms (Financial, Personal, Household), Vehicle & Title Registration (only select states) and Name Change Kit Step by Step Instructions.

Genesis Systems, Inc.

Genesis Systems, Inc. is a full service Information Technology provider offering full system development capabilities. Genesis utilizes the latest technology to serve your IT needs. Whether it is developing Internet based statewide enterprise level systems or stand alone systems, Genesis will provide you with the best solution to fulfill your specific needs. Also offering Hosting Services and Business Consulting through its affiliates, Genesis can truly serve your business needs. Genesis Systems, Inc. has a long standing history in health, public health and vital records industries throughout the nation.