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GoCertificates is your online resource for ordering certified copies of State of Michigan Vital Records. We are committed to getting your birth or death certificates direct to your door.

Requests for Vital events certificates are directed to and processed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

ID Requirements | Birth Certificate Requirements | Death Certificate Requirements

Identification Requirements

All applicants must submit a copy of an accepted form of identification and a copy of proof of relationship (if required). After placing your order, you will need to upload an image of your identification and proof of relationship (if required). Your order will only be processed once a legible copy of identification and proof of relationship (if required) are received along with payment.

All applicants must provide a valid photo identification as required.

Submit a copy of at least 1, current, not expired Tier 1 Document:

  • - U.S. or Foreign Passport
  • - U.S. Passport Card
  • - U.S. or U.S. Territories Driver's License or Identification Card
  • - U.S. Military Identification Card with both picture and signature
  • - Other U.S. or U.S. Territories issued document that meets the following criteria: Document must be unexpired. Document must contain a photograph and at least the following information: name, date of birth, date of expiration, signature, and address.

Or you may submit the following Tier 2 Document(s):

  • - Any of the documents in Tier 1 that expired within the past 5 years and any one document from Tier 3 issued within the past year.
  • - Employment identification with photo, accompanied with a pay stub or W-2 form issued within the past year.
  • - Student identification with photo, accompanied by a current report card or other proof of current school enrollment. Both documents must be for the same institution
  • - Department of Corrections identification card accompanied by probation or discharge papers issued within the past year.
  • - If an inmate is currently incarcerated, a Department of Corrections identification card, accompanied by a verification of incarceration issued within the past year

Or you may submit at least 3 of the following Tier 3 Documents from the list below, one must have been issued within the past year:

  • - Any of the documents in Tier 1 expired more than 5 years.
  • - Social Security Card (must be signed)
  • - Marriage or Divorce certificate
  • - Your child’s birth certificate
  • - IRS form W-2
  • - Paycheck stub
  • - Bank statement
  • - Voter registration
  • - Motor vehicle registration
  • - Health insurance card
  • - Utility Bill
  • - Doctor/hospital/dentist bill
  • - Religious/community organization documents, baptismal certificate
  • - Military DD-214 discharge paper or equivalent
  • - School records
  • - Letter/benefit statement from a government agency, like SSA or IRS
  • - Land or rental agreement
  • - Military ID with eithera picture orsignature
  • - Other documents that establish identity to a degree equivalent to those listed above

Eligibility Requirements for Birth Certificates

Applicant Documents Required for Proof of Relationship
Self Valid Photo Identification
Parent (must be named on record) Valid Photo Identification
Legal Guardian Valid Photo Identification and copy of court documented guardianship papers
Legal Representative Valid Photo Identification and Letter on official letterhead which must include state bar number and the name of the person you represent along with client's identification
Heir of the deceased person named on the record Valid Photo Identification and if it was not a michigan death, must provide death certificate
Court of competent jurisdiction Valid Photo Identification and court order
Birth record is at least 100 years old No photo ID required

Eligibility Requirements for Death Certificates

Applicant Documents Required for Proof of Relationship
Any individual may request a copy Valid Photo Identification
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